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community managers] by asserting that as a policy official he never read . analytic papers. Why? “Because they were nonadhesive.” As Blackwill explained, they were written by people who did not know what he was trying to do and, so, could not help him get it done:”When I was working at State on European affairs, for example, on certain issues I was the Secretary of State.This ambassador looks back at his early periods of service at the NSC Staff and in State Department bureaus as ones of “mutual ignorance”: DI analysts did not have the foggiest notion of what I did; and I did not have a clue as to what they could or should do.[6]Blackwill explained how he used his time efficiently, which rarely involved reading general CIA reports. “I read a lot. Much of it was press. You have to know how issues are coming across politically to get your job done. Also, cables from overseas for preparing agendas for meetings and sending and receiving messages from my counterparts in foreign governments. Countless versions of


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